1. China’s 2nd Manned-Space Rocket Launch - Reaction from the Living Room

    Okay, so at 6:37PM, China launched their 2nd manned space rocket, Shenzhou No. 9, successfully to space. Mission? To dock the space lab Tiangong-1.

    So here I am sitting in the living room, watching the CCTV (China’s Central TV station) News Channel covering the countdown to the launch with a whole bunch of operators blaring out control checks every second. Overdone? Maybe. But then again, I wasn’t even born yet when U.S. launched Neil Armstrong up to the moon, I’m guessing the news coverage for that would JUST be as nerve-wrecking. But this was back in the 60s…people had a lot to be nervous about, it’s about 2012 now, should we even be worried that this launch wouldn’t be successful?

    My dad’s sitting on my left, eyes glued to the TV. I can imagine anime sweatdrops going down the side of his face as the clock ticks.

    I’m in the middle of the couch, my mind going: “Well, if the rocket decides to malfunction, China can’t just decide to blackout all the satellites and TVs in the world, saying that ‘we’re currently experiencing difficulties’ and mask that it never happened.” [China censorship - what can you say?]

    My mom’s on the right, and the first thing she asks is: “What are you all watching?”
    Dad: “The launch of Shenzhou No. 9, China’s second manned space rocket”

    LOL. #TRUTH. I had to repeat this whole scenario, because you would imagine everyone in this country to be glued to their TV, so very proud of their country, being the 3rd in the WORLD to launch men into space. Now it gets you wondering, aside from the lab tests and research and whatever scientific studies they’ll be doing up in space, what is China’s point of sending people up there?

    Pride? Oh yeah, for sure. Nothing can be said about the immense ‘PROUD ASIAN PARENTS’ notion, it’s clearly written everywhere on the officials’ faces when the camera pans around the control room. To prove what though? That China’s the super-power of the world now? I think that’s pretty much proven when they’ve got the world’s consumer production under their grip. Not to mention that almost every country depends on trade with China now [let’s not go to the topic about how the Philippines decided that they were gonna fight with China, only to have their imports + exports embargoed from China, and now their economy is suffering].

    Though Mom makes a very good point though of China maybe could spend the money elsewhere than throwing it into a space rocket…save the Euro maybe? Plans for urban development in the rural area? BETTER EDUCATION? (Oh wait, I mean mannerism, sorry). I actually asked if it was possible to save the Euro and her reply was, “Euro is screwed, no point.”

    My reaction to this whole space launch? One eyebrow raised…and the phrase: “OKAY CHINA.”

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